Introducing my first app: “12 Must-Have Apps”

Apr 20, 2013

Taking some time to introduce “12 Must-Have Apps” and why I’ve been working on this app. You can find it here.

12 Must-Have Apps
No just joking this is actually a link to where I’m going to write articles.
You can download the app here.

Question: Why this app?

– Learn about app marketing. How to promote an app. What are the tips and tricks to boost app promotion.
– Learn how to monetize my app on the long run.
– Learn about retention, churn, user engagement and how to optimize these rates.

Something simple that would not take too much of my time to manage. And that would enable me to meet my goals. A simple app with a simple idea.

The idea
There are 1.5 million Android phone activations per day. WOW. Now that you have a new phone, now what? What apps can I download? It seriously took me days to search for apps on my new smartphone. What about a very simple app for new Android users to feature the best free apps on Google Play? 12 must-have apps. No need to think and search for hours anymore. A kind of package for new Android users with the best free apps. Not including apps from Google as most are already preloaded on the phone.

The monetization part
The best way to monetize apps is to promote other free apps on a pay per install model. As my app features other apps, it would be legitimate to build up a wall for app discovery. It will also bring fresh content regularly. It’s about finding the right balance between content and monetization, providing users quality content on a regular basis.

Next steps
– Collect feedback on the process and from early users. Your feedback is welcome.
– Establish first measurable goals and stick to a clear marketing plan and strategy.
– Allocate an hour per day to focus on my goals mentioned above.

12 Must-Have Apps is available now:

Google Play - Android

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