All I remember from him is what we all need… Luck.

Jan 10, 2013

Every stranger you meet has a story. The guy you’ve just met at the airport was a former NASA engineer and you graduated from the same school as he did. The waitress who made your cappuccino was a former Olympic champion swimmer. The homeless man who asked you for money fifteen minutes ago was a military officer fifteen years ago. Sometimes you both share your stories. Circumstances.

There are some people you meet them once and you’re likely not going to see them again. You don’t remember their names, where they come from, how you met. All you remember is a fraction of your awesome conversation. It was simple, short, random but all you remember is, it was awesome.

So I met a guy in Hangzhou in China and our paths crossed at a table of a restaurant. We were sitting next to each other. When I asked him what’s his job, he told me: “Oh I am retired. I’m already settled since I’m 40. Now I travel every 6 months between Canada, Australia and Asia.”

Then he told me his story from when he was a bank employee: “You know little young man, my boss used to tell me an advice. I followed his advice and it changed my life. He told me the key to success. And you know what is the key to success?”

He took a pen and wrote on the table the following letters: L-U-C-K. He smiled at me and said: “You need luck.”

I nodded sagely and he added: “And you know what ‘luck’ is?’ It’s Labour Under Correct Knowledge.”

He repeated it twice. Labour Under Correct Knowledge. I won’t remember much who he was and why he told me these words at this exact moment. Before saying goodbye he told me again to remember what he said. I replied:’ I guess it’s luck that has brought me here, to listen to your wise words.’

Something I’ll always remember.

Tea - Hangzhou

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