Back To The Start

Sep 16, 2013

This is the time of the year when Apple announces […]. Well you decide. I apparently missed the announcement about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Not a big deal, nothing big.

When you come back from traveling, you realize that you haven’t missed anything about what happened in the news. What did I miss? Nothing.

Back from traveling, I read this interesting idea from Evan Williams:

“News in general doesn’t matter most of the time, and most people would be far better off if they spent their time consuming less news and more ideas that have more lasting import. […] News, alone, is evidently insufficient to make us a more informed society. Citizens should re-calibrate their ravenous appetite for information towards more awe-inspiring content. Published written ideas and stories are life-changing.”

Here are some pictures I took of each city I (re)visited. Wonderful trip.
I already want more.

Can you guess each of them?

The Venice of the North.

By the River Thames.

Barri Gòtic.

The City of the Seven Hills.

But my favorite one is still…

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