Ice Cream Collective: a new way to discover music

Jun 11, 2014

Exactly ten years ago, I discovered my passion for music by being involved in several music communities. At that time I was pretty much interested in only R&B, Soul, Neo Soul, Hip Hop music. I even decided to build up my own R&B forum to be able to share with amazing people.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to continue sharing and I suddenly stopped listening to music for several reasons. I lost interest in music.

Then music streaming services started to emerge and it really changed everything. I started to listen to music again everyday and enjoy new songs and artists. The amazing feeling you can have when you hear a song for the first time and you start to feel butterflies in your headphones. My mornings had to start that way.

I realized that sometimes listening to music can keep you focused and be more productive. I also wanted to be able to share with and discover from other amazing people.

This is why today Ice Cream Collective is launching.
Ice Cream Collective is a new way to discover music from all genres. Everyday a new Ice Cream, everyday a new musical genre, a mini music playlist curated by the collective. It’s good if the collective grows but this is not my goal. The more Ice Creams I make, the more I will be happy: hundreds of curated playlists for every moments. That’s one way I’ve found to continue sharing my passion for music.

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