Wall 2016


       Do you need a nice & simple one-page website?
       I help great people kickstart their projects at Ajanii.
       Learning a foreign language has changed my life.
       We’re building Nekoplaza to help you learn a language
       Interested in Mobile Marketing & Mobile Apps?
       Growing mobile apps at AppBelle (building…)
       What’s the best way to discover new good music of any genre?


Planning in 2016

       April: Japan for the first time
       Travel to a country I’ve never been. Any place you recommend?
       Visit my family in Seattle
       Run at least 100 times throughout the year
       Write at least 50 cool blog posts HERE



       Learning everyday on Quora.com, best source of knowledge
       Mandarin – 5 hours per week
       DIY & Gardening – 2 hours per week
       Learn to cook two healthy meals per week
       Take at least one MOOC this year


Seven Do & Don’t

    – Bring positive and be constructive
    – Eat healthy. Exercise regularly
    – Keep it simple
    – Be curious, make room for discovery
    – Be honest, humble & kind. Gratitude is the best attitude
    – Travel as much as possible
    – Be your own teacher. Learn something by yourself
    – Don’t feel hate. Don’t feel jealousy
    – Avoid “noise”
    – Avoid negativity and toxic people
    – Will this make a difference in two years from now? Then don’t worry
    – Don’t waste your time & money on things with no value



       What are some daily habits that you developed & found to be really great? What change did its bring?
       What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
       What is your morning routine?
       How did you end up reading this?


Looking For

       Partners in crime & great tips to help me complete this wall
       Resources in Mandarin: short videos, songs, vocab etc…
       Blogs: Urbanism, Development, Environment, Ecology, Health, Nutrition
       More travels in 2015. Any nice place you recommend?
       Coffee or Tea with you

Any suggestions & ideas are very much appreciated 🙂

Let’s make it happen. Last update Jan 1st.